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Stop competing with other agents over leads without giving up commissions! 

Are you a referral-based agent who wants more business, and you absolutely despise Zillow leads, begging family and friends, or wasting money on digital ads that don’t work?

Inside The Guide you will find:

  • Custom program that allows you to shine and be real.

  • You will love your marketing, AND love the results

  • Marketing based on your uniqueness, allowing you to be yourself

  • Position yourself as a trusted authority and bring value to your clients.

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    If you Read my 23-page guide. Do the 5-steps. Work the playbooks!

    Within as little as 30 days you will have:

    • No TikTok dancing required

    • Without posting 5 times a day to Social media

    • Never talk to an ICE COLD Zillow lead again

    • No Barbie branding

    • No one-size-fits-all messaging

    • Stand out in your marketplace and have more time for the pool, gold, family…

    A simple 5-part warm lead strategy

    Discover a streamlined approach to generating high-quality leads with our innovative 5-step warm lead strategy.

    Pipeline Boost with Referral-like Leads

    Experience a game-changing method to fill your sales pipeline with high-quality leads that resemble trusted referrals.

    Unleash Authentic Marketing without Dread

    Say goodbye to the burden of dreaded marketing tasks and embrace a professional and engaging approach that aligns with your values.

    Establish Trusted Authority, Deliver Value

    Experience the satisfaction of providing meaningful solutions that resonate with your clients, solidifying your position as a go-to resource.

    Meet Anh, a realtor in Houston Texas

    She tried many marketing methods, workshops and masterminds. Her broker offered nicely done, professional looking marketing for free. She did Facebook ads workshops, several paid subscriptions, read books and even joined Toastmasters so she could learn public speaking.

    She did all of the things you are supposed to do. But none of it worked for her. And by work, I mean brought in qualified leads that would become closed clients. She was frustrated, and felt like it was her fault.

    She must not know enough, or speak English well enough, or be the kind of person that others see as a trusted resource for their real estate needs. Disappointed, she had stopped most of her marketing efforts and even thought about leaving the business. How could she keep cold calling, networking, spending money on ads, all with little results. 

    The results she did get produced cold leads that didn’t trust her. She had to fight for every deal, and then fight for her commissions. It was exhausting. It was overwhelming. 

    It was demoralizing. Frustrated, she came to me for one last try. “Help me do something that works, that I want to do, Roberta” Help me do something that lets me shine and brings value to my clients. You know I will work hard at it”. The only hard part was helping her see that it’s not that hard. 

    You just have to be open to being yourself.To standing out in the marketplace for your values and strengths. You have to be okay with doing things the way that works for you and your clients.  You have to let go of the copy and paste, subscription model. 

    Of the shiny lights of “million dollar” producers and funnel experts.

    Just posting on social media all day isn’t marketing, no matter how many likes you get. You need to be open to marketing that works, doesn't take that much time, and that you love doing. 

    Does that sound okay to you? 

    Grab a copy of the guide here

    Testimonies from Happy Clients

    What were Anh’s financial results?

    She gained multiple clients that she wanted to work with in the first few months of the program. 

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